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Bliss Green-Morehead

Planet Classroom

Creative reuse is a powerful tool that uplifts and empowers communities through art. We’re proud to share our work with the global education network, Planet Classroom.


We chose to meet the uncertainty of the world, head-on, with a spirit of innovation. Here is a look at our impact this year so far…

MFTA Threads

Show your MFTA pride with a selection of MFTA shirts, polos, jackets, hoodies, hats, caps, and leggings.

Creative Climate Awards

Join us in celebrating the 2020 Creative Climate Awards. On Friday, December 4, we are hosting a talk with MFTA artists about the impact of creative reuse.

Mapping, Observing & Communicating

Join us for a conversation with artist John Landewe, who pushes the boundaries of conceptual art with his time-lapse videos, where he captures his intentional dance-like body motions created through his walks…