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Paper; Pulp to Fiction (Summer 2020)

This studio class will take a single product, paper, and work out the historical, economic, scientific, social and mathematical properties that are inherent in its use and production; all through hands-on art making…

Props, Costumes and Set Design for Oral Presentations across the Curriculum (Spring 2020)

This course is designed to enhance oral presentations in the classroom through the use of project based learning to create props, costumes and set designs made from reusable materials. Through guided art instruction, participants create hands-on art projects that integrate differentiated instruction into various learning modalities and multiple subject areas, providing critical thinking skills to enhancing rigor in the classroom.

Chancellor’s Conference Day: Creative Reuse Workshop

Election Day/Chancellor’s Conference Day for Staff Development at Materials for the Arts. Learn to create percussion instruments using found objects from our warehouse. Immerse yourself in global rhythms while learning how to integrate them into your classroom curriculum…