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Share Your Work With Us

    Dear MFTA Members, 
    The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a great challenge for the NYC arts and cultural community and nonprofits. As a response to these difficult times, many of you have redesigned your programming for online platforms and virtual spaces. Materials for the Arts is proud to support your innovative work during this time, and we want to document and highlight your ingenuity.  

    If you have stories and pictures of your activities during COVID-19, please send them to us so we can share your programs on our social media platforms, in publications, with material donors, and other recipients. Show us your online and outdoor performances, virtual exhibitions, in-home sets, homemade costumes, PPE and mask-making initiatives, and other creative projects. 

    Even during these difficult times, NYC continues to be the epicenter for arts and culture. That’s why we’re inviting you, the members of our community, to share your work and help tell this story. 

    Submission Guidelines
    To ensure a successful submission, refer to the following guidelines:
    1) Submit high quality images no smaller than 1MB.
    2) Please confirm the appropriate credit line, including the photographer’s name and/or the organization who owns the image. 
    3) Provide a brief description of your work along with a quote or a link, if you would like.
    4) Let us know your social media handles, so we may tag your organization on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. 
    5) Please keep in mind that a submission does not guarantee that your image will be featured in our publications and/or social media. Images may instead be added to our archives or shared with our donors and supporters for promotional purposes. 
    6) Send your submission to with the subject line MFTA – Share Your Work With Us.

    We’re only able to use images that can be reproduced by MFTA and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (with proper credit) in all media (web, print, etc.), with no associated costs or additional rights clearance needed. By submitting your images, you affirm that you have the right to use, and authorize others to use, these images, and grant MFTA and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs permission to use them as described above. 
    For questions about image submissions, please email

    Image courtesy of COPE NYC. Photo Credit: Paola Martinez.