CD Calendars

With the rise in popularity of portable gadgets that have more than one function, CDs have become a piece of technology that can be retrofitted to become a simple calendering device to teach students concepts of time like months, weeks, and days, and to keep track of upcoming events. You can write on the cases with dry erase markers to make the calendars reusable from month to month.

Materials needed: CD Case, reusable paper (manila folders, theater posters)

Applications Across Subjects:

  • Planning and measuring a grid
  • Using a ruler
  • Numbering the days
  • Counting how many days until something happens
  • Keeping track of days that have passed
  • How-To books (about making the calendar)
  • Non-fiction writing about events that happen over time (using the calendar to find dates)
Social Studies
  • Study of calendars and time around the world and in other languages
  • Keeping track of school events, field trips
  • Other materials used to make calendars around the world now and historically
Social & Emotional
  • Tool for students to track time, prepare for transitions, feel in control
  • Instead of a calendar you can place photos, to-do lists, or goals as an individual desk-top reminder for students


Step 1: Take apart your CD case. Hold on to the paper insert for now

Step 2: Gut the CD case (the CD, the inserts, and the backing that actually holds the CD in place).

Step 3: Now gently separate the two sides of the CD case. Then place the back of the CD case face down on a table, as seen above, and snap the front of the case back on, but the opposite way that is was attached before.The CD case cannot close now, but the top cover should be able to stand up with ease.

Step 4: Use any scrap paper you have that is easy on the eyes. Here, we use an old filing folder.

Step 5: Trace the CD insert on the paper you are using. This saves you time and allows you to skip the step of measuring with a ruler.

Step 6: Decorate! Collage, sticker, and draw to customize the calendar.

Step 7: Slip the image into the CD case.

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