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Stonewall 50: Fashion & Activism (P-Credit/CTLE)

    Presented by Materials for the Arts + New-York Historical Society


    Dates: 8/12/2019, 8/19/2019 (2 consecutive Mondays)

    Location: 8/12 @ N-YHS , 8/19 @ MFTA

    N-YHS Course Fee – $150.00 on N-YHS Website   •  ASPDP/P-Credit/CTLE/+30 RSVP + Payment: ASPDP Website

    Summary: How has clothing been used as a form of expression and social activism throughout history? This two-day, one p-credit course dives into the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, and explores fashion, personal presentation, and modes of expression and LGBTQ+ activism from the mid-20th century through today. On day one, tour Stonewall 50 at the New-York Historical Society to consider the historical significance of clothing in LGBTQ+ culture and history. On day two, visit Materials for the Arts and engage in hands-on, classroom-ready art-making activities using reusable materials from the warehouse to explore how fashion can be integrated to teach interdisciplinary history, art history, and visual arts lessons.

    For any questions regarding the event, please email





    *To receive p-credits, participants must RSVP and and pay an additional fee through the ASPDP website.