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NYC Climate Hero

    “Being part of this extraordinary group of people is a great honor.  I have been promoting creative reuse, it seems like forever, and it is humbling to be called a Climate Hero and be acknowledged for that work.  Thanks to this wonderful collaboration of the Human Impacts Institute and NYC DOT for this recognition and the impact of Materials for the Arts and all the other important organizations headed by these inspiring leaders.”
    —Harriet Taub, MFTA Executive Director

    On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, MFTA Executive Director Harriet Taub was named a NYC Climate Hero through an exhibition created by the Human Impacts Institute and NYC DOT.

    She is one of 30 New Yorkers being honored for their innovation, creativity, and amazing work.

    Each year MFTA takes in an average of 1.5 million lbs. of donations which otherwise would have been thrown away. The energy saved from recovering these materials is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from over 2.9 million lbs. of coal burned.

    Learn more about NYC Climate Heroes on the Human Impacts Institute’s website.