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Shopping Days

As an MFTA Member, your organization can access our warehouse for free materials during MFTA shopping days.

*Recipient shopping hours are subject to change at any time.

Shopping Requirements

  • Appointments must be pre-scheduled.
  • Only registered MFTA Members can schedule appointments and attend a shopping day. No more than 2 people per organization may attend a shopping appointment. Click here to learn how to add Members to your account.
  • Check-in doors close at 12:30pm on Tuesdays and 4:30pm on Thursdays. Recipients will not be allowed into the warehouse once the doors have been closed. If you need to cancel your appointment, please email
  • As a shopper you must confirm that the items received will support your organization and complete a worksheet during your shopping to help MFTA keep track of our inventory.

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“We are overwhelmed by the thank you notes flooding our mailbox from MFTA Members. The amount of people and the diversity of recipients are amazing. What MFTA does for the nonprofit community is really an incredible gift and resource. We are so grateful that the great stuff the show would have thrown away is being repurposed by needy organizations. Thanks for all your help and graciousness in making [Boardwalk Empire’s] wrap something to feel good about.”
Andy Werner
Bootleg Productions

Shopping is personal at the MFTA Warehouse!

After your Shopping Day experience, you will be sent a receipt with the items you received. MFTA asks that you write a personal note to the donors indicated. It is because of their generous support that MFTA can continue to provide materials to educators and non-profit organizations alike.

Materials are free; you pay only in gratitude!