Join the Culture of Creative Reuse, Altruism & Fun

MFTA relies upon volunteers to keep our 35,000 square foot warehouse organized. Join our roster of volunteers ranging from corporate groups and retirees to college students and nonprofit community organizations.  Volunteers make a difference in our warehouse and at our public events.

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Volunteer Bonus: When you spend time helping in our warehouse, you can visit our MFTA Gallery  and get a firsthand look at Creative Reuse in action.   If you want to have your group participate in an art making activity using materials from the MFTA Warehouse, you can sign up for a Team Building Workshop.


Turn your organization’s next volunteering opportunity into an interactive, immersive experience. Groups work side-by-side in the Warehouse unpacking and organizing goods, followed by a customized Creative Reuse workshop designed by the MFTA Education Department. This is great for building confidence and breaking down communication barriers.


Get over the mid-week slump with a feel-good group effort. Warehouse Wednesdays are shorter than MFTA’s standard daytime volunteering sessions, taking place from 4:30 to 6:30 PM every week. These power meets are all about physical tasks, combined with camaraderie and good music. Your team can work together to sort and catalogue materials and see how your efforts can positively impact MFTA’s members.