“Gateways to Galleries”

Art can transform lives. This exhibit at MFTA Gallery showcases artwork created by people in custody across several NYC Department of Correction facilities. Over the past year thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, artists who are incarcerated have been encouraged to create artwork through the help of online art instruction with MFTA Teaching Artist David M. in collaboration with the Department of Correction’s Fine and Performing Arts Unit.

DOC Director of Fine Arts, Lindsey Lybrand worked to provide participating individuals with pencils and paper to participate in the virtual art lessons on the DOC tablet program. She guided them in creating a body of artwork informed by the videos as well as individual artists’ interests and passions to fill the current exhibit. The artwork is also available to be viewed online along with many more pieces. This exhibit points to a future where the arts may be fostered and promoted across the corrections systems of our country as a gateway to new skills, new sense of self and a new life.

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“Gateways to Galleries” will be on view in-person through Monday, March 14, 2022.
The MFTA Gallery is open Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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The expressive and creative artwork in this show, mainly drawings on small pieces of paper, but also paintings and sculpture, show how much can be created with the very minimum of available or authorized supplies. Referencing tattoo imagery, experiences of trauma, and abstract expressionism, these artworks are full of emotion and talent that often goes unseen to outside eyes.

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