Learn the Art of Creative REuse

The MFTA Education Center offers high-impact workshops and classes to teachers, students and the public. Held at MFTA’s Long Island City facility and in schools across NYC, these workshops focus on the Creative REuse of everyday materials and increase student engagement by showing teachers how to integrate the arts across the curriculum.  MFTA’s teaching artists model useful techniques and showcase ideas that support our Creative REuse philosophy, inspiring teachers to include more art in their schools.


Earn P- and CTLE Credits while taking your educational career to the next level.


Help students & parents make more meaningful connections between sustainability & art.


Bring your students to the MFTA warehouse for multimodal arts learning activities.


Bring Creative Reuse into any community with multi-generational family engagement events,  hands-on activity tables, dynamic art booths, and more. 


Chancellor’s Conference Day – Professional Development Creative Reuse Workshop for Educators

June 6 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

This hands-on studio class introduces arts integration and multi-modal instruction to classroom teachers...

Music: The Sounds of Math, Science, and Social Studies (Summer 2019)

July 8 - July 13

This course is designed for teachers to integrate music into the classroom through fun and simple techniques, learning basic concepts found in music while...

Creative Infusion – Art and Reuse in the Classroom (Summer 2019)

July 15 - July 20

Creative Infusion is an introduction to a wide range of ideas, techniques and methods used for integrating art made with reusable and recycled materials across the curriculum...

Project Based Learning – Making Books, Games and Props to Animate for Multi Media Presentations (Summer 2019)

July 22 - July 27

This course is designed for teachers who are interested in offering their students a deeper investigation of project based learning by using reusable materials...

Raw Fibers – The Art of Fabric (Summer 2019)

July 29 - August 3

This studio class will take a single product, fabric, and work out the historical, economic, scientific, social and mathematical properties that are inherent in its use and production through hands-on art making...

Stonewall 50: Fashion & Activism in LGBTQ History (Summer 2019)

August 12 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

How has clothing been used as a form of expression and social activism throughout history? This two-day, one-credit course dives into the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, and explores fashion...

“Through MFTA educational programs and field trips, our teachers are able to find close connections between the artwork the students create and our core curriculum, which helps the students find relevance and a deeper understanding in what they are learning.”
James E. Brown
Principal, PS 297 in Brooklyn



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