Where Sustainability is Celebrated through Art

We all want a more sustainable existence. Recycling is integral to our lives, but it breaks things down. Creative Reuse is so much more. It builds on the potential energy of the seemingly unusable by instilling artistic innovation into the items through hands-on making, education and activities.

Creative Reuse allows your old goods to become new concepts and creations. By reducing waste and inspiring art, you help raise the bar on social impact and reduce the carbon footprint. Simply put, Creative Reuse diverts the waste stream from the landfill to the MFTA Warehouse, where it is converted into things only the imagination can create.


Inspired by The Education Center’s studio-style courses and created by Master Teaching Artist Joy Suarez, learn how to creatively reuse items from the recycling bin and free supplies from Materials for the Arts to develop lesson plans. These low or no budget projects can be used across multiple subject areas, learning styles and ability levels. All are fee for your use.

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Creative Reuse in the Classroom

MFTAtv highlight’s MFTA’s work across cultural, educational, and environmental sectors. What can you expect from MFTAtv: Creative Reuse in the Classroom? You will see how MFTA helps schools with limited or no arts programs gain insight incorporating creative reuse into lesson plans across all subject areas, while encouraging sustainable thinking in NYC public schools.

“Using recycled materials gives individuals the opportunity to use their imagination in creating unique and original works of art. Plus, they learn the value and extra life that reusable materials possess. This lesson is particularly important for young people for helping to make our planet a cleaner and greener place. “
Art Teacher, NYC Public High School