Take Your Summer P-Credit Courses at MFTA

Led by Master Teaching Artist Joy Suarez our P- credit courses provide a six-day immersion in which teachers learn how to enhance project-based learning in their classrooms using proven Creative Reuse methods.

Music: The Sounds of Math, Science, and Social Studies

DSC_4299Monday through Saturday 9:30am – 5pm
July 17 – 22

Course cost: $240

Designed for teachers to integrate music into the classroom through fun and simple techniques. Learn basic concepts found in music and create handmade instruments from reusable materials. Through guided art instruction you will experiment and compose rhythms, while learning the influences of Asian, Middle Eastern, African and Latin American cultures on modern music.


Props, Costumes, and Set Design for Oral Presentations


Monday through Saturday 9:30am – 5pm
July 24 – 29
Course cost: $240
Enhance oral presentations in the classroom through project-based learning, and create props,costumes and set designs that link to literacy, math, science and social studies. Project sessions include: storytelling, music, shadow puppetry, costuming and prop-making.