Poppin Warehouse Digs


Here at Materials for the Arts our warehouse has been bursting with color in large part due to the great work/style products from longtime donor Poppin. While many of our member organizations focus on finding useful materials for art projects alone, an overlooked need may be how to keep your office organized in style and fashion.
Poppin Cases

Poppin has been a generous donor to MFTA since 2011. Since then we’ve received nearly 38,000 pounds of materials: chairs, tables, printers, foam core and most recently mobile phone cases. These materials have helped to organize classrooms in K.265 Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of Arts as well as Pace University.

Poppin’s philosophy is to add a creative approach to everyday work supplies that bring a vibrant spirit to even the most mundane task. Not only are we lucky to have this wonderful color palette of happiness but we also get to share the same “work happy” approach with you.

poppin chair and box

As with all of our materials this awesome array of chairs, cases and other appealing materials are sure to fly off our shelves fast. So act fast and schedule your next shopping appointment today.