Focusing Tool Mask


This mask is a great tool to use in science investigations as well as focusing in on a math equation or vocabulary word. You can make it out of a file folder to have an automatic handle attached; or make the tool out of poster board or cereal box. The handle can be a dowel, tongue depressor, or chopstick.

You can use this mask to limit your view by holding it up to your face so that you block out extra sensory information, kind of like binoculars. You can search for patterns, specific things on a field trip or in nature, or a category of information (shapes, colors, kinds of transportation, acts of kindness).

You can also place this mask directly on the paper to block out other competing text and visuals, which increases student attention and focus. This is sometimes called a Word Window.

Suggested Materials:

  • Poster board
  • File folder
  • Fabric paper
  • Card stock
  • Felt
  • Permanent markers