chess and checker board

Make a simple basket weave game board from a cereal box or thick paper. Check out our paper room for supplies.  Game pieces are made from flat buttons and telephone wire, the bottom button needs to concave to hold sculpture upright. Beads are added to define individual game pieces.

chess game pieces

Suggested Materials from the Warehouse:

  • jewelry boxes, jewelry trays
  • poster board, foam core
  • envelopes, contact paper
  • fabric wallpaper, vinyl, fabric squares
  • leather, suede, foam fabric
  • beads, buttons
  • ribbon, chording
  • hardware-nuts, bolts
  • ceramic tiles
  • carpet squares

Suggested Materials from the Recycling Bin:

  • boxes (cereal boxes, mailing boxes)
  • trays (candy trays, pastry trays)
  • bottle caps and corks
  • buttons
  • bread tags
  • keys
  • bolts
  • telephone wire, shoe string, yarn
  • Styrofoam

Making games and game boards provides an opportunity for critical thinking and problem solving. Students integrate measurement and design into the making of their game board and game pieces and apply value to spaces on the board for probability and chance. Making games and game boards for math practice enables students use their critical thinking skills by problem solving and collaboration.

Chess Board (Summer 2013: Creative Infusion)

Chess Board (Summer 2013: Creative Infusion)