Birdhouses from Binders

photo 3

Things We Do With Office Binders:


Birdhouses constructed from school binders are not only the easiest way to creatively reuse a typical classroom supply but also an enriching project that can be integrated into Science and ELA studies!

You will need:

  • Office binder (preferably one with 2” rings)
  • Colored packing tape or duct tape
  • Leftover cardboard or foamcore scrap
  • Construction paper, colored paper scraps
  • Leaves and twigs for the nest
  • Ribbon to hang
  • Utility knife


photo 7

  1. With a utility knife, score about a third of your office binder straight across.


  1. Tape folded flaps together, making the “floor” of your birdhouse. The rings will be where the birds can perch!



  1. Decorate your birdhouse with colored scrap! You can use varying shapes to make different patterns…


  1. …or to make your own unique house!


  1. To make the roof of your birdhouse, fold cardboard or foamcore scrap and use paper scrap or color packing tape for added color.


  1. Cut about an arm’s length of ribbon and tie through the rings of the binder.


  1. Hang your birdhouse!

Photo Credit Hallie Bahn (29)