Happy Halloween: 20,000 Screams Under the Sea


Get ready to scream this Halloween, New York! Janna Kennedy Hyten, known as the ‘Halloween Lady,’ transforms her 5-story tall mansion at 313 Clinton Avenue in Brooklyn into a free theatrical extravaganza known as Halloween 313 for all ages. This year’s show 20,000 Screams Under the Sea: A Steampunk Adventure is a spooky nautical spectacle that features many elements made from re-purposed materials from Materials for the Arts.

“Re-purposed materials are vital to our show given our budget constraints, and we’re so happy to have access to MFTA. This show is consistently over-the-top, and we need lots of materials to be able to indulge in that as much as we want to. Clinton Hill/Fort Greene is one of the best neighborhoods for Halloween – with the creative professionals who volunteer to put the show together, enthusiastic neighbors who decorate their houses, the Halloween Walk, and everyone who comes out in support every year…there’s just a great holiday spirit all around,” says Halloween 313 collaborator Katie Luscombe.

Drawn together by their love for Halloween, professional actors, writers, producers, designers, and artists in the Clinton Hill and Fort Greene community collaborate on weekends to create the annual show over the weekends leading up to October 31.

Making the headpieces!

Making the headpieces!

For 19 years, Janna has created a free, Broadway-quality show for all ages that draws in more than 5,000 neighbors and visitors. The show began as a collection of tombstone decorations in the front year of 313 Clinton and has now involved into an elaborate Brooklyn Halloween tradition.


This year’s beautiful banner was painted by actress and artist Charlotta Janssen.

Owner, founder, and creative force Janna says, “I feel having access to MTFA has and will open up the possibilities for our show each year. Sometimes seeing something at MTFA instantly solves a puzzle, or we see something that will enhance something we already began to build, and their supplies take it over the top! The best example is Sycorax’s throne. The plastic lobsters…what a find!”


The plastic lobsters were donated by Tommy Hilfiger.


Lobsters transformed into a throne for the evil witch Sycorax.

Here’s a sneak peek at other spooktacular creations made by the Halloween 313 team:


Deanna DeMaglie designed these fish and amphibian heads from old bicycle helmets and recycled cardboard and cereal boxes. 


Designer Eva Lansberry created this ghostly Kraken kite from a fishing pole and white nylon from MFTA.


Eva dyed the Kraken kite to be red and squid-like in color.


Ahhhh! The Kraken!!


Actors goof around with bright red satin from MFTA that will be used as blood. No telling whose blood though…that would be a spoiler alert!


Discarded strips of brightly-colored E.V.A. foam attached to different costumes pieces. On fish suits they created a seaweed/sea anemone effect and for amphibian suits they became long, webbed fingers. While not from MFTA, the extra strips will find their next stop to be at the warehouse.
“We plan on giving back anything we were not able to use, and will also be contributing surplus material of our own, including the extra bags of E.V.A. strips,” says Katie.


One of our characters will wear a mermaid costume from MFTA. (Also, did you know Janna and her friends are regular participants in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade? We can’t wait to see what amazing costumes they build each year!)


Sycorax’s dress is made from an old wedding gown and then covered with rags and fabric from MFTA.

Strips of textured foam was used to create ridges on amphibian costumes.

Strips of textured foam was used to create ridges on amphibian costumes.

Halloween 313 Theatrical, in collaboration with the Society for Clinton Hill’s annual Halloween Walk presents a free show approximately once every 30 minute from 5 – 9 pm. There will also be sign language interpreters!

Happy Halloween and see you at 313 Clinton!


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All photos provided by Halloween 313 Theatrical.