Donor Spotlight: Metropolitan Museum of Art

By Alexandra Ruiz
Part of a mini-series highlighting New York City museums as materials donors and recipients of MFTA. We deeply appreciate these cultural institutions’ generosity and contributions towards the  sustainability of the city’s arts and education community.

Sitting right on Manhattan’s iconic Central Park is the city’s beloved Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met has been a materials donor to us since 1993. They have donated 18,648 pounds to the arts community through MFTA. Not only is the museum’s magnificent size and architecture impressive, but so is the museum’s broad and extensive contributions to the artistic community. Since they’ve started donating to MFTA, they have provided 18,648 pounds of materials, valued at $29,650 to New York City’s art, culture, and education programs. What especially sets the Met apart for us is how they make art more accessible by providing free admission for kids and offering extensive online resources that are available for public use (like the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History).

Luckily for us and for our recipients, bits and pieces of the palatial Met have made their way into the MFTA warehouse. In the past year alone, the Met has donated to us three times, contributing much needed items like fabric and office supplies. The biggest batch they have ever donated to MFTA was 4,150 pounds of quality paper and beautiful fabrics. They have also donated 15 easels, 57 frames, lots of mannequins, and printers in the past. Their materials have benefitted a wide array of organizations such as the Atlantic Theater Company, public schools, Richmond Hill Historical Society, and Socrates Sculpture Park.

The Met also oversees the Thomas J. Watson Library, where anyone is free to browse and learn about the museum’s 2 million plus artworks that date from prehistory to the present. In April 2013, the library donated a conference table through our online direct donations system.

The museum has been a great cultural resource for the NYC community through their ample donations to the MFTA warehouse and their numerous programs, classes, and exhibits. For a fun way to get to know our valued donor, try out one of the Met’s free guided “Drop-in Drawing” sessions inspired by the art at the Met — free materials are provided for all participants! The Met also offers free concerts and performances by practicing artists.  Thanks to the Met for working with MFTA to help build a stronger cultural community in the city!

Alexandra Ruiz is the Summer 2014 Donations and Development Intern. From Brooklyn, she currently is a member of the NYC-based band, PetalWar. A recent graduate of Bard High School Early College Manhattan, she will start her first semester at Brown University this coming fall.