Boardwalk Empire: Bootlegging for Art


Hosing down an extra for a rainy scene on the Greenpoint set. Photo by Rachel Papo for New York Magazine.

On October 26th, millions of viewers lost a weekly tradition that was five years in the making: HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. What marked the end the of a glorious era for its audience, simultaneously spawned a wonderful opportunity for MFTA’s 4,700 recipients.

Since 2012, the series production company, Bootleg Productions, has sent the show’s surplus materials to the MFTA warehouse. For a series known for its meticulous set design, we have been lucky to receive five truckloads worth of truly incredible props which have ranging from suitcases, to fine china, to musical instruments, to furniture, and even to vintage candy!



Our community is very sad to end our love affair with Boardwalk Empire, Bootleg Productions, and HBO but we send heartfelt congratulations on the great run and a major thank you for the tremendous support they have give to NYC’s cultural community. 

While the series may have ended, Boardwalk Empire will live on forever through the thousands of teachers, artists, performers and students who have benefited from their donations.