Home DIY projects


I hope everyone is okay after the hurricane. Spending so much time inside made me reevaluate some of the random stuff I have lying around, so I found a bunch of projects for household goods. If you are more organized than I and you do not actually have these items, you can pick up any of the materials needed for these projects right here at the warehouse. They would be great as prop items or even as pieces in an installation.

1. Butterflies from vinyl records [via Upcycle Us]
2. Floating bookshelves from bookends [via Upcycle Us]
3. A cobra from keyboards [via Ecofriend via Pacebutler]
4. Belt buckles from computer mice [via Technabob via Laughingsquid]
5. Oil lanterns from bottles [via Loonyville]

If you have any cool project ideas, please let us know in the comments.