Reusing old books


We have been getting a lot of art-related books and magazines lately as people are moving to reading either on an e-reader, at their computer, on a tablet, or on their phone. It’s not that books are obsolete, but more and more people are forgoing the paper version and buying the electronic version. So what can you do with the books and magazines at MFTA? A few ideas:

1. Use them for what they were intended for: as I said, books are not totally obsolete! We have a lot of great craft books with cool reuse ideas, plays for theater groups, art catalogues for inspiration, poetry books, and more. You can house your own art library to spark creativity, especially if you can make the library out of some reused material, as towns in England have done with old telephone booths. [via TreeHugger]

2. With old magazines, go ahead and make some paper curtains. [via 30 Tage 30 Dinge]

3. If curtains don’t do anything for you, try out a magazine stool, jewelry, basket, or bookshelf project mentioned in this great roundup. [via Kanelstrand]

As a side note, I’m really glad the 30 Tage 30 Dinge project we wrote about a few months ago is still going strong. It’s great to see so many upcycling projects in one place, especially one that is so strongly supported by artists. As always, we are also open to suggestions and tips. Feel free to email me, or to put them in the comments.