Registration for Fall P-Credit Courses is now open:

Project Based Learning: Reuse in ELA
Saturdays 9:30 am – 5pm
11/11 – 1/6

Engage students in meaningful investigations, promote informal academic conversations, and encourage deeper comprehension of texts in ELA and across the curriculum. From bookmaking and game invention to oral presentation and theatrical performance, our approach will provide you with the skills and materials to create a dynamic learning environment that addresses all learning levels.

Course registration
Course cost: $240


To complete registration you must also register on the ASPDP website.

Professional Development Courses for teachers are through ASPDP (After School Professional Development Program). “P” In-Service courses offer pedagogues’ high-quality, convenient, low-cost alternatives to college courses that may be applied to salary differential requirements and to the NYS 175 hour professional development requirement to maintain Professional Certification. Courses are designed to impact student achievement through the professional development of teachers.